Deconstruction of old oil tank storage facilities begins at Thames Enterprise Park

The redevelopment of the former Coryton Refinery into Thames Enterprise Park is progressing with another 34 previously used oil storage tanks now being taken down as part of the site clearance and preparation work required for development.

Previously there had been more than 200 tanks on-site during the refinery’s peak in the 1970s and 80s.

Across the site, above-ground structures have been decommissioned, cleaned, and then demolished or removed in phases.

Work by specialist contractor DSM started earlier this month and will continue until Autumn 2024.   They will take down the empty and clean oil tanks.

Specialised tools will cut the steel tanks into ‘plates’ which are then weighed and transported to Ward, an approved scrap metal merchant within ten miles of the site to reduce emissions.  The metal is recycled and repurposed for future use. 

The clearance works are an important step in the regeneration of the 412-acre brownfield site and the development of Thames Enterprise Park, one of the largest employment-led regeneration projects in the South East.

Rupert Wood said: “Deconstruction of the former oil storage facilities is an important step in realising the size and scale of the opportunity at Thames Enterprise Park.  This is one of the biggest regeneration projects in the South East – converting over 400 acres of brownfield land into a new economic asset and employment hub for Thurrock.

“When complete, Thames Enterprise Park will provide 5,500 new jobs in growth industries within one of Thurrock’s six growth hubs.  More than £1 billion of private sector capital will be invested, resulting in more than £350 million per year delivered back into the local economy.  That’s £3.5 billion of economic impact over the first 10 years of operation here in Thurrock.”

Thames Enterprise Park hosts visit by Leader and Mayor

The Leader of Thurrock Council, Councillor Andrew Jefferies, and Mayor, Councillor Sue Little, visited Thames Enterprise Park (19 October) to see the scale of the opportunity and the potential for transformation at one of Thurrock’s key growth locations.

Councillor Andrew Jefferies, Leader of Thurrock Council, said: “The opportunity at Thames Enterprise Park is one of the best inward investment and growth opportunities for Thurrock and it has our full support.  It will be good for Thurrock in so many ways and it’s excellent to see it for myself and to fully appreciate the scale of what’s intended to happen here.  Thames Enterprise Park is exciting, high-potential, beneficial and something I’m very much looking forward to seeing come to life.”

The Leader and Mayor were hosted by Development Director, Graham Stark and were shown around the 412-acre former Coryton Oil Refinery, taking in the redundant oil tanks and former oil refinery infrastructure and viewing the progress of early phase remediation and site preparation.

Graham Stark said: “The stats at Thames Enterprise Park tell you one part of the story with 5,500 jobs, up to £1.2 billion of investment, an estimated £340 million per year to the local economy, and over 400 acres of brownfield land to put back into productive economic use.  But ‘seeing is believing’, as they say, and we were pleased to welcome the Leader and Mayor of Thurrock to allow them to appreciate the size and scale of the opportunity at Thames Enterprise Park.”

The approved plans for Thames Enterprise Park include an initial 3.7 million sq feet of commercial development and employment space alongside approved areas for open storage, landscaping, amenity hub, hotel, and education uses.

The development will reinvent the former hydrocarbons-based refinery into a ‘next generation’ energy-led development for advanced logistics, manufacturing, fuels of the future & energy related operations.  There is also the opportunity to bring in the adjacent Thames Oilport land, thereby expanding the potential overall scale of regeneration and economic impact.

Planning permission for Thames Enterprise Park was granted in 2022

Cllr Sue Little, Mayor of Thurrock, said: “It was excellent to visit Thames Enterprise Park, to see the site and to meet the team.  It’s a reminder of how important the River Thames is in both Thurrock’s history and its future.”

Thames Enterprise Park is part of the Thames Freeport.  On its own – as well as in combination with its Freeport site partners – it is set to be one the largest drivers of economic change and opportunity in Thurrock and the south-east of England.

Welcoming the Government’s green light for Thames Freeport

Thames Enterprise Park (TEP) has welcomed the Government’s green light for Thames Freeport and its confirmation of £25 million in initial funding to drive development and accelerate the delivery of the Freeport’s benefits and potential.

As a ‘Customs’ site within Thames Freeport, TEP will deliver the ‘additionality’ which is so central to the Freeport regeneration objective, complementing the already identified ‘Tax’ sites and offering its unique land platform into the Freeport ecosystem.

HM Government confirmed its commitment to Thames Freeport (20 March announcement – read here).

Rupert Wood, Head of Strategic Land at ALMCOR, speaking on behalf of Thames Enterprise Park, said: “Thames Freeport has significant potential to be transformational for Thurrock, South Essex and the wider Thames Estuary.  The Government green light and funding commitment is another important step forward.  At Thames Enterprise Park, we have a strategic land platform to bring into the overall Thames Freeport area and we expect to deliver substantial ‘additionality’ in terms of jobs, return on invested capital, and a full spectrum of broader commercial, social and environmental benefits.”

TEP is part of Thames Freeport alongside Port of Tilbury, Ford Dagenham, DP World London Gateway and the Port of London Authority (PLA).

Triggered by the Government announcement, Thames Freeport will now receive up to £25 million seed funding from government and potentially hundreds of millions in locally retained business rates to drive growth in the UK’s advanced manufacturing, biomanufacturing, logistics, and low carbon industries.

Levelling Up Minister Dehenna Davison said: “We’re delivering on our mission to grow the economy and level up right across the UK.  Thames Freeport is up and running and will bring high quality jobs, investment and trading opportunities for businesses in the region.”

Robin Mortimer, Maritime UK Chair said: “This latest wave of Freeport approvals is a major boost for UK maritime and the wider levelling-up agenda. Business, and the wider communities, will now be able to benefit from the wave of investment, development and jobs that Freeports are projected to generate.” 

Thames Freeport estimates that it will generate over 12,000 new jobs, and as a gateway to London, its hubs are well placed to provide global shipping routes for exporting UK produced goods and importing vital products for supply chains.

TEP anticipates making a significant difference to occupiers and industries that want to be part of the Freeport ecosystem and will benefit directly from locating at TEP where they can be part of the sustainable industries, clean fuels, advanced manufacturing and decarbonisation hub that TEP will provide.

TEP has planning permission (‘Resolution to Grant’) for  up to 3.7 million sq ft of commercial development within an integrated site masterplan for the regeneration of the former Coryton oil refinery site. 

With multi-modal connectivity (river, rail and road) together with deep-water jetties and important pipeline infrastructure already in place, TEP will provide outstanding commercial space for advanced logistics, advanced manufacturing and next-generation energy technology uses.  It will particularly benefit businesses looking for energy resilience, decarbonisation and ESG goals.

On its own, TEP will create up to 5,500 new jobs and deliver an estimated £350 million per year to the local economy.

It will transform 412 acres of brownfield land into a new commercial district with the first plots expected to be ready for development during 2023

TEP is one of ALMCOR’s major brownfield regeneration projects.  It is part of ALMCOR’s portfolio of large-scale, complex redevelopment sites where ALMCOR’s capability and expertise is making the difference in bringing strategic sites forward.

Corringham Christmas lights sparkle – with a little help from Thames Enterprise Park

As Christmas comes to Corringham, Thames Enterprise Park (TEP) is pleased to be playing a part in helping to create and celebrate the festive spirit.

Working with the Corringham, Fobbing & Homesteads Community Forum, TEP is delighted to be funding improvements and essential upgrades for the town centre Christmas lights for the second year running.

Roy Jones, Chair of Corringham, Fobbing & Homesteads Community Forum, said: “The Christmas lights make a really important contribution to Corringham town centre and bring a bit of sparkle for the festive season.  Without TEP’s support we would have struggled to finance the improvements needed so we’re tremendously grateful.  It’s excellent to have partnerships with local Thurrock businesses, like we do with TEP and a number of others, to help us achieve the things the Forum wouldn’t otherwise be able to achieve on its own.”

Graham Stark, Development Director at Thames Enterprise Park, said: “The Thames Enterprise Park site has been a major local employment location for over a hundred years and we’re delighted to continue to be an active member of the local community and ensure that TEP makes a positive difference where we can.  Helping to make sure that the Corringham Christmas lights shine bright in an energy efficient way is something we’re proud to support.  We wish everyone a peaceful, safe and happy Christmas.”

The Corringham Christmas lights are put on every year by the Community Forum.  TEP’s funding has allowed for new timers and important new parts to be purchased and installed, meaning the lights can operate safely, effectively, and in the most efficient way again this year.